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Study 3After graduation, the graduates can apply knowledge obtained to create innovative applications leading to the basic industrial development in the future. The graduate program aims to do research for developing practical application for manufacturing industries. Our college has a strong track record of industrial partnerships collaboration laboratories with world class industries such as Seagate Technology (Thailand) and Western Digital (Thailand). The students have an opportunity to do the research close with the company that provides the research topics and research funds. The research is to develop the control system in hard disk drive, the advanced measurement technology in the production of hard disk drive, the measurement and monitoring the corrosion behavior which leads to the ability to prevent or inhibit corrosion in the hard disk drive industry, and the advanced signal processing for data storage. Moreover, we have research groups (RG) based on the manufacturing development such as Computer Simulation for Engineering, Advanced Engineering Materials, Advanced Signal Processing for Data Storage, Embedded System, Statistical Productivity Improvement, Optics, optoelectronics, and Laser Engineering, and Vision System and Automation.


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